Contestant Updates

Andrea Baptiste, season one. Drea is currently hosting a Boston-based weekly variety show, “Wake Up Live With Corey and Drea.” She has also kept the weight off, presently weighing in at 155, one pound less than her finale weight of 156.

Kelly Minner, season one. Kelly is a motivational speaker and still keeps up her healthy lifestyle.

Jeff Levine, season two.  Jeff has continued as a family practice physican and medical school teacher. He also gives talks to the public and fellow doctors about the obesity problem in this country through The American Heart Association, the Dairy Council and the American Academy of Family Physicans.  Jeff weighed in at the finale at 217 pounds and presently weighs 240 pounds.

Matt & Suzy Hoover, season two.  Matt has continued to struggle with keeping the weight off, but definitely hasn’t given up.  Suzy, has given birth to two sons since their time on the show and is working on losing that “baby fat.” They have a website, where they blog regularly.

Amy & Marty Wolff, season three. The couple have co-founded a company, Reality Wellness together. “Wellness” offers fitness boot camps, life management coaching and more. Marty has put on about 30 pounds of muscle mass since the finale, and Amy has gone from 154 at the finale to 195.  She says she isn’t what she used to be before TBL, but she’s not where she wants to be.  The couple are expecting a baby this July.

Mark Wylie, season three. Mark works at Best Buddies where he has developed a workout for people with mental disabilities and plans to shoot a workout DVD.  He also has a children’s book in the works.

Jerry Lisenby, season four. In August 2008, Jerry achieved a life-long goal of biking cross country with his wife.  He currently weighs 195 pounds, whereas his finale weight was 187.

Nicole Michalik, season four. She is currently working in Philly as a receptionist and a radio DJ. Nicole had surgery in late 2008 to remove excess skin from her lost weight. At the finale, Nicole weighed 174, and today she weighs in at 182 pounds.

Hollie Self, season four. Hollie now works in production with The Biggest Loser in Hollywood, CA. She weighed 150 pounds at the finale and weighs 166 pounds today.

Dan Evans, season five. After The Biggest Loser, Dan recorded his first music album which debuted at number 7 on the Billboard Top Country Album charts in September 2008. Dan currently weighs 180 pounds, just six pounds from his finale weight of 174.

Kelly Fields, season five.  Kelly met her current man in her life at the gym after the show. The two exercise together and he supports her healthy lifestyle.  At the finale, she weighed 162 pounds and presently weighs in at 169.

Trent Patterson, season five. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and primarily trains athletes. Trent and his wife are currently expecting their second child.  Trent weighed 301 pounds at the finale and now weighs 318 pounds.

Bernie Salazar, season five. Bernie has gone on to earn his master’s degree in education and run his first full marathon. He also travels the country as a motivational speaker and is writing his first children’s book. Bernie weighed 153 at the finale and presently weighs 160 pounds.


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