Wisconson’s Biggest Losers Home

Biggest Loser, Mother Daughter Home in Wisconsin

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Wisconsin’s very own Biggest Loser couple is home after their finale trip to California.  Kristin Steede and her mother Cathy Skell arrived at Austin Straubel International  Airport Saturday night.  The mother daughter team didn’t win on the NBC show but they did win something money can’t buy, the confidence to change their lives and stick with it.  “Everyday that I live my life I’m experiencing something new in a smaller body,” says Steede.  Now there’s no more cameras or coaches to remind them when to exercise and what to eat.  The real challenge lies ahead. “It taught me the most valuable lesson that this is a very tough lifestyle to live and you have to want it and you have to work for it, every single moment.”  Kristin started at 360 pounds and she lost 167, her mother Cathy lost 95 pounds.  “We’d be cheering each other on and you can do it,”says Skell.  Everyone giving each other the confidence to go the next step. “We kept going and everyday you went on and you got a little stronger.  It’s a wonderful feeling.  When we walked out of the gym, words can’t describe how you felt.”  This mother and daughter team is now hometown heroes.  Their true motivator is knowing how they felt before, and how they feel now.  Kristin says, “It’s hard because I will never forget what it felt like to live life like that, to be 360 pounds.”
The group, Mid-Day Business and Professional Women is welcoming Kristin, as the speaker for their monthly meeting this Wednesday at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel.  The public is welcome to attend.

(taken from http://www.nbc26.com )


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